June 2018, EdTech Webcast

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KY K-12 edtech points of emphasis for June’s webcast

· The 2018-2024 Kentucky Education Technology System (KETS) Master Plan is now official as of 1 June! Takes about a year from creation all the way to final legislative approval. A true cause of celebration. Thanks to all that made that happen!

· In June, OET will create the SY2018-2019 unmet education technology need based upon the 2018-2024 KETS Master Plans and expenditure plan to address that need. This info will be presented to districts during the July edtech leader’s monthly webcast. In August, OET will present to the KBE on the SY 2018-2019 education technology needs and funds available to address those needs. We’ll discuss the estimated range of KETS offers at this time for the upcoming school year at the June and July webcast.

· Another true cause of celebration is the overall success of the KY K-12 e-mail upgrade/transition to Microsoft’s e-mail/Google’s e-mail of 173 districts, KSD, KSB and KDE over the past 5 months. This is another KETS historic achievement that will be added to our KETS Greatest Hits album. Thanks to all that made that happen! However there is still some cleanup.

· Update on the meeting with Supts that are part of the Ohio Valley Educational Cooperative (OVEC) meeting last month. OET covered the key components of our 2018-2024 KETS Master Plan including our Greatest Hits Album over the past 25 years, key KY K-12 edtech initiatives over the next 6 years and “The Peoples Side of KY K-12 edtech”. This is third KY educational cooperative that OET has met with to discuss these three topics. It’s gone really well so far. We will go to the remaining five cooperatives to hit on these same 3 topics during the remaining months of this calendar year. In July, OET will present to KY K-12 local school board members and Supts attending the Kentucky School Boards Association (KSBA) conference on the same topics.

· Update on the KY K-12 School Report Card (SRC) for SY 2018-2019. We’ll discuss the major components on the first release and subsequent releases that will be in the SRC for parents, including the IC parent portal, as well as the info that is required to be provided by law for researchers and other folks that want more details.

· A follow-up on the presentation made by KDE’s OET staff in Washington DC to the US House Education and Workforce Committee on 17 May. It appeared to go well. You can read OET’s written testimony to the US House on CCSSO’s website here. Article about it is here:
Route 50 news: KDE’s Couch discusses student data privacy, vulnerability in interview,
Edweek news: School Officials Urge Congress to Update Student-Data Privacy: https://mobile.edweek.org/c.jsp?cid=25920011&item=http%3A%2F%2Fapi.edweek.org%2Fv1%2Fblog%2F49%2Findex.html%3Fuuid%3D76374

· Reminder: KY K-12 Cybersecurity health check NLT 31 Aug from the district CIO/edtech leader to their Supt and local board.

· KY K-12 Internet Network Services Report for May – Internet usage, Uptime, dDos attacks

· Despite North Carolina’s most recent claim over the past month, North Carolina is 2nd not the 1st to have all their schools and classrooms connected to the Internet. KY K-12 has had edtech in place so long ago that folks don’t know it’s already been done and is working well. Educating folks within and outside of KY on our KETS Greatest Hits album is a priority with KY legislators and Kentuckians in general. So we need your help in ensuring your legislators, your local board members, your Supt, your principals, your teachers, your students and your parents are aware of what edtech is already in place and how well it’s working (e.g., your KY K-12 Internet service, your Internet Content Management system, etc.).

· OET staff attended a KY Telehealth conference hosted by another state agency on May 24th in Midway. We expect more and more districts to provide this type of service remotely for KY K-12 students while the students are at school. So we are establishing a connection with that initiative. As a FYI, your e-rate eligible Internet service that is coming from KIH3 service providers into your district can be used for telehealth as well as after hours at the school for community related activities. Therefore there is no need to put a separate Internet service line from any non-KIH3 Internet service vendor in the district for telehealth or after hour community access purposes. From a security and operational perspective its tough enough for district staff to stay on top of the cybersecurity and daily operations of one Internet service coming into the district let alone two different Internet service providers coming in a district.

· The percentage of KY K-12 students and/or parents that have indicated that they wired and/or wireless high speed Internet access at their home according to Speak Up, BrightBytes as well as the districts that have some other formal way to collect that data. Two separate surveys give us an identical answer. The third data source is not far from that number.

· In previous webcasts, we discussed the feedback that we received from you on 2 of the 4 topics from the CIO Summit at KySTE in March (i.e., state edtech contracts, cybersecurity). In July and August’s edtech leader’s webcast we’ll focus on the last 2 areas that we got feedback from you all at the March CIO Summit (i.e., edtech PD needs of districts, local district edtech planning).

· KBE meeting on 6 June: KBE voted to allow for expansion of the KPREP testing window to allow for flexibility when exploring expansion of on-line testing.

· Future KBE meeting: computer science standards in August.

· Update on next steps with Dataseam during June so it’s ready to go in July/August.

Coming soon:

· In July or August we’ll give you an update on Lightspeed from a school safety perspective. Lightspeed offers a AI/machine learning Threat Check functionality that can could be used for early safety issue warning for students in crises.

· At end of June, our KY K-12 STLP students that are part of the team of STLP state champion school (i.e., Hardin County, Floyd County and Adair County) and our Jr Engineers from all over KY will represent KY K-12 at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference in Chicago. Some of our OET staff will be part of that event with the STLP students.

· In July, Aug or Sept, the report of the special investigation into the KYWired initiative will be released by the Auditor of Public Accounts (APA). We are optimistic that the financial importance of KY K-12 using e-rate eligible contracts for KY K-12 Internet services for 173 KY school districts will be included in that final report (e.g., KY K-12 gets a 3 to 4 bang for every KY K-12 buck spent on an e-rate eligible KY K-12 Internet service by our 173 districts because of (a) the KY K-12 edtech state matching funds/process and (b) federal e-rate funds).

Other topics by OET Directors, Chiefs and team members

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