EdTech Webcast, October 2018

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KY K-12 edtech points of emphasis for October’s webcast 

1.     Crittenden County education technology (Crittenden County leaders)

2.     Highlights of KY Board of Education (KBE) meeting: computer science standards, KETS Master Plan initiatives mapped to KDE strategic plan. (David)

3.     October’s KY School Board Association (KSBA) article on KY K-12 cybersecurity: http://www.ksba.org/inconversationwith7911.aspx  (David)

4.      This is Digital Citizenship Week – Lots of great campaigns through Twitter #DigCit and #DigCitCommit. (David)

5.     Highlights/impacts of the major three studies, reports and presentations that involve KY K-12 edtech that came out since Sept’s CIOs/edtech leader’s webcast (David):

(a)   The 2018 national Education SuperHighway (ESH) report was released on 3 Oct. Highlights that every KY K-12 school is already connected to the Internet by fiber and every KY K-12 student meets the national Internet speed goal of a minimum of 100 kps per student. In fact KY K-12 was the first state to do both fiber to every school with at least 100 Kbps per student in Internet speed…and KY K-12 continues to be one of the few states to have both.  KY K-12 has 99.99% average up time with our current KIH3 Internet services. So the KY K-12 Internet network is very reliable for KY K-12 students/teachers. Also through the KIH3 services, we currently provide on average of 210 kps per student in Internet speed/capacity to KY K-12 school districts. Go to   http://stateofthestates.educationsuperhighway.org/?postalCd=KY#national

(b)  KY’s Office of Education Accountability (OEA) presents their report on Oct 16th in regards to KY K-12 on Instructional Materials to the Education Assessment and Accountability Review Subcommittee (EAARS) in the KY legislature.  The version of the OEA report that was submitted to EAARS will be available on the following webpage after it is adopted by the committee.  If the committee votes to adopt the report on the 16th , and there is a quorum at the meeting, a link should go up on the webpage on Oct 17th at http://www.lrc.ky.gov/Lrcpubs/lrcpubs.htm

(c)   Links to the KY Auditor of Public Accounts (APA) special exam of KentuckyWired (KYWired) released on Sept 27th (http://apps.auditor.ky.gov/Public/Audit_Reports/Archive/2018KentuckyWiredReport.pdf  ) and the audio of the APA presentation of the special exam of KYWired to the KY legislative investigations committee on Oct 11th . KYWired portion starts at the 38 minute mark (http://media.education.ky.gov/video1/On-Demand2018/Prog_Rev_10-11-18b.mp3 )

6.     SY2018-2019 School Report Card (SRC) update. (Dede)

7.     Highlights of single topic webcast on Oct 8th in regards to KY K-12 virus protection. The following is a link to that webcast: https://mediaportal.education.ky.gov/technology/2018/10/virus-protection-webcast/  (Phil)

8.     Follow-up to 2018 KY K-12 CIO Summit: District edtech planning. (Mike)

9.     Infinite Campus (IC) data visualization update and upcoming IC training/events. (Dede)

10.  KY K-12 Internet health report and Lightspeed’s “threat check capabilities” in regards to school safety. (Phil)

11.  GovDelivery service and test. (Phil)

12.  Status of 2018 KY K-12 Technology Activity Report (TAR), KY K-12 Digital Readiness report, updated Building Wiring Checklist for schools and the edtech inventory of Career and Technical Education (CTE) schools. (Mike)

On the radar

·       Upcoming Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative (KVEC) Fire Summit that features innovation using KY K-12 edtech is on October 23rd .

·       STLP regional competitions begin on November 8th from Murray State University.

·       Upcoming KY K-12 edtech discussions with KY K-12 school facilities leaders on Oct 25th , with KY K-12 Chief Financial Officers CFOs on Nov 15th and with KY K-12 Supts at the KY Association of School Supts (KASS) on December 11th.

·       Kentucky Society for Technology in Education (KySTE).  KySTE 2018 Fall Conference on Oct 25th .

·       KY K-12 CIOs/edtech leaders webcast from Hart County schools on Nov 20th.

·       PD for KY K-12 edtech discussed during the Nov CIOS/edtech leader’s webcast.

·       Online ACT test this spring.


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