EdTech Webcast, April 2018

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KY K-12 edtech points of emphasis for April’s webcast

· Update on the 2018 legislative session that impacts KY K-12 edtech. SY 2018-2020 edtech budget/services; We’ll most likely know/understand the final impact in 4-6 weeks after April 15th.
· Feedback that we received from 122 districts during the recent KySTE CIO Summit in Louisville in regards to current and future KY K-12 edtech contracts.
· Follow-up to the recent 2018 STLP State Championship.
· Update on status of the KY K-12 Computer Science academic standards for KY K-12 students.
· Reminder: Bill Stilwell Red Suspender Day is on May 8th. Red Suspender Day is the day that we celebrate everyone that helps make awesome things happen, in regards to KY K-12 education technology, for KY K-12 students, teachers and leaders/staff. Bill will have a building named after him on the University of Kentucky campus on May 8th.

· Other topics of importance discussed by OET Associates and Chiefs.

KY K-12 Data Systems- school report card system, ESSA, data quality assurance, IC invoices for SY2018-2019, IC Training, Front Door, IMS shutdown in July, EDS shutdown in July

KY K-12 Internet, Communication and Application Services- Another KETS historic moment (i.e., KY K-12 Firewall in the cloud for 173 districts is now 100% complete), Internet stats, KDE Notify for iPhone and Office 365/Google e-mail upgrade/transition

KY K-12 Edtech Planning and Budget- KETS offers of financial assistance for current school year and next school year, 2018-2024 KETS Master Plan approval process, E-rate

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