TPC and MP webcast with Districts, 10/27/2017

Posted on 27. Oct, 2017 by in Budgets, Finance, Technology

The draft “KETS Master Plan For Education Technology 2018-2024” is being prepared and staff are seeking your feedback prior to our submission to the Kentucky Board of Education KBE for their December meeting.

Agenda for webcast and assigned presenter(s):
1. Introductions (Mike)
2. Master Plan overview of purpose & requirement (Mike) 5 mins
o What’s new in this plan? (Ben) 10 mins
o History Timeline (Phil) 15 mins
o Goals (Marty, Ben) 15 mins
• Gap Goals
• Acceleration Goals
o Alignment with Strategic Plan and National Frameworks (Ben, Marty) 10 mins
o Studies and Research (David) 10 mins
o Standards (Amy) 10 mins
• Design/Configuration
• Product
o Unmet Need Budget Projection (Chuck) 15 mins
GoSoapBox – moderator (Lisa)
Master Plan document (Jennifer)
GoSoapBox – link

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