HB5 Kentucky K-12 Data Breach Webcast

Posted on 23. Apr, 2015 by in Technology

A discussion on the (1) draft KY K-12 data breach regulation and (2) draft KY K-12 data breach best practice guidelines.

The full agenda is as follows:

  • During the initial part of the webcast, we will review the contents and intent of HB5 and HB 232 that were passed in the 2014 Legislative Session. These have been discussed previously, but it will set the stage and provide some historical data for the full discussion.
  • Next, we will cover data security best practices and recommendations from the 2006 HB 341 study with some new content and resources being added.

Last, we will spend some time reviewing draft language of the regulation that will go to the Kentucky Board of Education for a first reading at the June meeting. Attached.

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