Summative Evaluation Resources in EDS

Posted on 03. Mar, 2016 by in Professional Growth and Effectiveness

Summative Evaluations Resources in EDS

Welcome to accessing resources for entering summative evaluation data in the EDS component of CIITS.  All summative Evaluations completed for the 2015-16 school year will be entered in the Educator Development Suite.  Regardless if your district used EDS during the school year to facilitate documentation of the Professional Growth & Effectiveness System evaluators will enter all summative evaluations for teachers and principals into the online platform.

Several resources have been created to support principals in conducting the summative evaluation.  Dr. Amanda Ellis has created a video to review the summative evaluation process within PGES.  She provides specific guidance on completing the evaluation including specific supporting documents principals may use.

Principal, Matthew Willoughby, demonstrates in a video how he as a principal who has used EDS with his teachers throughout the year will access completed teacher evidence to inform the summative evaluation process.  He includes how to finalize the summative process by entering all ratings in the Summary of Evidence tool.

In a separate video Principal, Willie Bartley, demonstrates how a principal who has implemented PGES through means other than EDS will enter all summative ratings using the Summary of Evidence Progress tool.   Remember, all districts regardless if they used EDS throughout the year will enter the effectiveness data of all certified employees in the summative year of their evaluation cycle.

A series of Quick Reference Cards have been created to support each process for entering summative ratings.  Principals may access a specific QRC for entering summative ratings for teachers and one for other professionals.  A quick reference card is available for superintendents with step-by-step directions for entering summative ratings for principals.

You can access all of these resources by going to the KDE home page and entering Summative Evaluation Process in the search box or at

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