EdTech Webcast, October 17th at 10am ET

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KY K-12 edtech points of emphasis for Oct 2017

  1. This is Digital Citizenship Weekhttps://www.eschoolnews.com/2017/10/16/digital-citizenship-week/
  2. Update and discussion on the 2018-2023 KETS Master Plan that will presented to the Kentucky Board of Education (KBE) in December:

(a)   We need your feedback of draft of the “KETS Timeline of Historic Achievements for the past 25 years” for the 2018-2023 KETS Master Plan. One thing we have done extremely poorly, that we intend to address, is making new/experienced KY K-12 Supts/edtech leaders and the average Kentuckians much better aware of our significant KY K-12 edtech achievements and moments over the past 25 years. While no one likes a braggart, we’ve been so extremely humble and quiet in our edtech achievements that virtually no Kentuckian knows we already have lots of high quality edtech services/systems in place in KY K-12 that are considered the best in the nation.  If no one knows you’ve already got something in place that is working really well, then that makes it much more possible for folks to never maximize/build upon an existing service/system or even worse, buy/build a duplicative service/system.  So one of our big goals in the new KET Master Plan is to make Kentuckians much better aware of what we already have done extremely well and our intent to keep doing those awesome types of things very well.

(b)  We would also like your input on major things that you would like us to consider for this version of the KETS Master Plan that we haven’t done well or haven’t done at all that need to be a top priority going forward in the next 6 years (we call these gap goals).         

  1. We want your feedback on the PowerPoint slides that we intend to use with Supts at future Supt cooperative meetings on “ The People Side of edtech in KY school districts”.  The detailed whitepaper is nearly complete as well. http://bit.ly/k12people
  2. Update on the student technology leadership program (STLP) for upcoming regional competitions this fall.
  3. Update on School Report Card for this year and dashboard for next year.
  4. Update on budget cut during this school year and its possible impact.
  5. Update on future of Microsoft 365 and Google initiative. We are in the concept versus execution stage and need your feedback on some next immediate steps/pilots.
  6. Update on results of the Instructional Management System (IMS) survey last month from KDE to your Supt and your CIITS point of contact.
  7. Update on Infinite Campus.
  8. Update on KY K-12’s firewall and virus protection.
  9. Update on E-rate for the 2017-2018 school year.
  10. Update 2018-2020 additional budget request just presented to the KBE for KETS.  
  11. Update of other items by OET Directors/Chiefs.

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