The Stilwell Award – 2008

Posted on 21. Apr, 2014 by in Technology

Back in 2008, the Office of KIDS wanted to do something that annually that recognized an unsung hero or organization that had gone above and beyond the call of duty in the area of education technology to create or do something special to help all K-12 students, teachers and administrators. The notation on the award reads, “For personal dedication and outstanding service in education technology for the teachers and children of the commonwealth”. It is the KY K-12 Education Technology Partnership Award.

Bill Stilwell created the KY K-12 LISTSERV and even once he retired he kept the service in operation that included more than 140 groups that are specifically geared toward K-12 teachers and administrators. These K-12 LISTSERVs provide ways for 30,000 educators to communicate regularly on topics of importance and share information, ideas and resources among the groups. His work was the first major edtech example of the cooperative spirit that was intended between K-12 and higher ed in the 1990 education reform act. Bill was the overwhelming first choice for this award, naming it after him was a reflection of the selfless work he’d done to improve educators’ access to modern technology. It was great fun to recognize someone like Bill who’s done so much for the KY K-12 community back in 2008. But also every year after 2008, Bill would pop out at the right moment in his signature red suspenders and join us for a KY K-12 webcast to surprise a new person/organization with “The Stilwell”. He was always part of the process in selecting the award winner.


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