Kentucky Education Network (KEN) Performance and Transition Update

Posted on 04. Nov, 2013 by in Technology

The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) hosts a special webcast for all districts that will focus on only one subject.  This webcast will address the current KEN operational status, as well as the status and plan for the transition to the Kentucky Information Highway 3 (KIH3) platform of KEN from the current Kentucky Information Highway 2 (KIH2) platform.

Representatives from the Commonwealth Office of Technology (COT, who is the state KIH2 & KIH3 contract manager) and AT&T (who is the KIH2 & KIH3 service/solution provider) join KDE edtech leaders for the webcast.

Discussion includes (1) identifying the performance, reliability and redundancy differences between the KIH2 and KIH3, (2) actions that will be taken by AT&T going forward to ensure core components of the KIH3 meet target dates, (3) penalties (e.g., financial) imposed by COT when timelines or expected quality/reliability of service by AT&T are not met, (4) clarification of AT&T’s change management processes, (5) AT&T’s communication protocol before an on-site visit and expected activity during an on-site district visit and (6) any other current/significant issues with the existing KIH2 network services, as well as any known challenges and plans to complete the transition to the first phase (minimum of 50kbps/student) of the KIH3 network by June 2014.


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