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Webcast for District CIOs and education technology leaders. Each month we go to a different district. This month the webcast was conducted on August 20, 2013 at the Pikeville High School, Pikeville Independent Schools.

August 2013 Webcast for District Education


Please be aware that Web Page or Document links MAY NOTbe active or usable due to the amount of time since the creation of the document.  That includes internal as well as external links due to the migration of the KDE website two years ago.  Please feel free to use the search function at the new KDE webpage to search for any relevant documents.


Below is a complete written summary and digital copy (audio and video) of the August 20, 2013 webcast for District CIOs and Education Technology Leaders.  This month the webcast was conducted from Pikeville Independent School District and Pikeville High School.


You can get to both the Video and Audio links for this webcast through our webpage at:



Video and audio:


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The webcast is approximately 1:33 minutes.   The numbers in red below indicate the time stamp for discussion on the audio and video segment of the broadcast.




00:15  Introductions and district information:  From KDE we have David Couch, Mike Leadingham, Chuck Austin, DeDe Conner, Maritta Horne, Phil Coleman via Lync, Frank Wells, and the KETS Engineer for Region 8 and Pike County – Harold Burchell.


David reminded theaudience that the can participate further by sending questions and answer polls using the using the GoSoapBox platform.


GoSoapBox session with the questions, discussions, and polls for this webcast can be found at:


From Pikeville Independent we have Superintendent Jerry Green, Neil Arnett the DTC at Pikeville Ind. Elementary School and Brandon Blackburn the DTC at Pikeville Ind. High School.  The district has a lot of great things going on in the district regarding education technology.  The High School principal Michael Rowe, and HS Guidance Counselor Dawn Stewart are here today as well.


Of special note – Pikeville is home to many of the attractions related to the Hatfield and McCoy feud.


Additional information regarding Pikeville can be found at:  and,_Kentucky


The link to the school district website is:


David noted that academically the district has been a high performing district and community that values education.  They have had a long time relationship with Pikeville University.  They are one of eight designated by the state board that are Districts of Distinction in Kentucky.  Most of their high school students have close to two years of college credit before graduating high school. The district runs buses 7 periods a day to Pikeville University.


Technology has played a huge role in increasing their education levels with limited resources.


Brandon and Neil both noted that the district sponsors many online, virtual and district based education technology for their students.  They have smart classrooms, carts, labs, telecourses, online end-of-course assessments, library using i-Pads and e-books, use Kentucky Dataseam computers/training and many other technologies.


15:05  Financial Information:  David noted that at the last Kentucky Board of Education meeting that the board set their legislative priorities and included technology such as increasing the KEN bandwidth to 100kbs from 50KBS that is the current goal, Getting a restoration of the KETS funding, and also refreshing end devices in a new IDU offering to the districts.


Mike wanted to cover some financial related topics.


1st Offers of Assistance:  $10 per ADA 30-40 districts has submitted their signature forms and they can expect those monies once the forms have been completed.  We hope to start that process earlier this year and in the future.


E-Rate:  Kentucky has used the program heavily over the past few years and has seen its’ share of changes.  Recently, the FCC has opened the door in discussing if the program is doing what it is supposed to do and if any changes are needed.  They are looking for a lot of input.  Everyone needs to participate in these discussions in any and every format it may come by.  We want a strong voice in this process and to help preserve what we are doing in Kentucky.


September 16th is the deadline to the FCC at for initial comments and the final comments are due by October 16th.


David has heard from other states in that the $2.4 billion total from the e-rate program and in that the Category 1 is typically telecom related expenditure and in the Category 2 program in creating dense wireless and refreshing those type of activities.  Most of those monies are spent in Category 1 – with almost no monies left for Category 2.  Does that need to be changed?


Mike wanted to remind the audience that how all sources of funding are important to meet the needs of students and will be an ongoing challenge.


MPRM – Increased broadband capacity

Cost Affordable access

Streamlining administration


He does not see any major changes before the next submission time period – changes will probably not be before July 1, 2015.


We are asking districts to let us know via their KETS Engineers what they want to submit to the FCC and have those comments by August 28th.


33:57 KIH3 update:  We have completed Phase 1 for those districts that needed for the start of the new school year to those districts that really needed it.  We will be monitoring for any additional districts that need upgrades and plan on starting September 2013, really ramping up in October, and completing the bandwidth upgrades for all of the districts by June 2014.


David noted that if districts are truly needing upgrades KIDS are monitoring and helping expedite where needed.  It is important that district leadership to regularly educate their legislators on needs districts have in terms of education technology.


Mike wanted advise them that ATT is contacting districts regarding new products that are going to be on the KIH3 contract that were not there before.


43:21 Office 365 update:  Harold wanted to relate that the project is going well although we was not able to meet our goal of having all district students to the Office365 platform from the previous Live@EDU platform.  We found some issues during the pilot period of this project and in fixing them delayed our planned start of the 1st group of 67 districts.  This week Jefferson County is being migrated to Office365.  The next group will start on August 30th.


David asked the district how they plan on using Office365 – they have been testing and expect to be ready to go.


46:50  CIITS update:  Maritta Horne noted that there will be a monthly CITTS webcast starting August 22nd, at 2pm using Lync.  Email her and she will send an invite.


There was a problem with the weekly files/data update this week.  Districts should uniquely name their calendar file – affected districts will be contacted.  There is also a problem with the missing principals and their EDS caseload.  School Net is working on this and nothing needs to be done by districts at this time except if it happens to you to open a CIITS Helpdesk ticket.


There are many new tools in the Professional Growth and Effectiveness System (PGES) and the Education Development Suite (EDS) systems.  Districts need to make sure that needed permissions for vice-principals have set correctly in their districts so they can use the new tools.


There are some new features in CIITS teacher can now assign resources to students and students can as well.  There are now training documents on the Power Source page in CIITS.  Additional rubrics for testing have been made active in CIITS as well.  End of Course standards from ACT have been made available as well.  Additional reporting for teachers and administrators are now online as well.  MAP vendor NWEA will begin weekly updates every weekend.  Renascence Learning will be doing weekly updates with daily delta of their data as well.


David noted that our vendors have made some substantial gains in their disaster recovery/business continuity plans.


As we get some standardization across the state we will be looking as our internal password security and policies as well.


1:00:00  Infinite Campus Update:  DeDe noted that there were over 262 users logged onto the Beginning of the year training.  Be sure to complete the survey so you can get EILA credit for the training.  Next training will be January 8th – one day only and we will have by person and by Lync.


DeDe wants to stress the importance of getting clean data from the districts and they should be up to standards.


1330 last week release included the KEES report that can be shared with parents.


ACT load for 2013 pushed out to all districts had a mistake and have been corrected.  District DACS have been informed.


Districts need to make sure that those who really need tool rights have them.  Make only people who need them have them in Infinite Campus.


1:05:58  Jerry wanted to add that those who have 504 plan information on the transcripts as well.  Dede said we can check on it.


1:08:40  Phil Coleman joined remotely using Lync to give an update on the KDE Media Portal for all the multi-media from KDE all in one place. is the site.


1:15:15 Data Quality Campaign:  David and Dede noted that Data Quality Campaign respond to a survey on the information we collect and over the past year the amount of data has grown by 26 pages and maybe it is time to go on a diet.  There were no action items that we were not aware of from the past and have made efforts to try to fix any problems.


Kentucky is still unique in that we have statewide standards on many levels and have made some improvements in financial management, school information, and similar and how we work with other state agencies.


The results will be out in the next few months.


1:17:12  Consumer level device waivers:  Mike discussed the increased use of districts purchases of these consumer level devices such as Chrome Books, i-Pads and similar devices that provide access for students but are not on the same level as desktop, laptop, or tablets that are Enterprise level workstations but still has a place in the districts.  He anticipates that waivers still need to be submitted to KDE via their KETS Engineers as we create a way (new guidelines) for districts to purchase or covers these types of devices moving forward without a waiver.  How do we best be able to include/recognize/adopt these devices and still be able to meet unmet need and previous standards such as process, battery life and similar current requirements.


One of the things that districts need to keep in mind is that these consumer level devices may need to refresh twice as fast as the enterprise level devices.  That is to say a laptop that meets KETS Standards may last 6 years on average but that ipad or Chromebook may only last 3 years.


Mike also wanted to make sure the audience understands that on the Technology Readiness Report we currently – have two categories regarding devices:


  1. Meet the five year standard for devices,  and
  2. Mobile/consumer level devices in the district.


Also in the school report cards we ask for any device that allows access to instructional content and would be included.  Also, the question on devices that are five years old or less (meeting state standards) – the five-year specification not an actual date so they would not be included.


1:26:30  David’s visit with Tyler-MUNIS vendor:  David tries to meet with our major vendor partners once a year – trying to build a face-to-face relationship with those folks who provide our critical systems.


Some important take-away notes from the visit:


  1. Tyler and KDE will be testing our joint Disaster Recovery plan within the next 12 months. 1st with some individual districts and later with the entire KDE structure.
  2. Deliberately build a better connection between MUNIS and our Infinite Campus vendors.  Making sure data is entered once – not twice into both systems.
  3. Continue to pursue/create the accumulator and some dashboard reporting on the state level for this data.


1:30:20  Commodity Codes update:  Mike stated that we are still working on reviewing those codes and are still planning on having a smaller more concise Commodity code set over the next year.




Maritta, is there an updated CIITS roles/responsibilities document that I can use to make sure everyone has the rights needed?


Answer:  There is a roles page document on the KDE website – roles and permission on the logon support page and it is being updated



Is there any plan to have staff roles and demographics updated in CIITS more than once a week?


Answer:  Staff roles have been updated daily since last year – new staffs are still updated once a week.


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