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KY K-12 edtech points of emphasis for Sept 2017:

-KDE’s submission of a plan for a 17.5% budget cut during this school year.
-Update on future of Microsoft 365 initiative.
-Update on the 2018-2023 KETS Master Plan.
-KNCA/KYWired has been asked by legislators to present a status of the KYWired project to the Appropriation and Revenue on Sept 28th .
-KY K-12 Internet access. Districts need to educate their local magistrates and Internet planners that all your district’s KY K-12 schools already have high speed fibered access. They are not aware of that.
-Update on the Dashboard/School Report Card for schools.
-Update on 2017 APA Audit report and 2017 Cyber Security report.
-Update on the Instructional Management System (IMS) communication from KDE to your Supt and CIITS point of contact.
-Update on firewall and virus protection.
-Update on STLP for this school year.
-Update on Online/Virtual Courses.
-Update on BrightBytes and Project Tomorrow with Speak Up.
-Update on the KETS service/help desk software (Dynamics 365).
-Update on E-rate for the 2017-2018 school year.
15. The film is Without a net: The Digital Divide in America will air at 2 pm on Sept 26th on the National Geographic channel. The documentary highlights how the futures of millions of American students are in jeopardy because schools across the country do not have access to computers and electronic devices needed to support a 21st century education. Some schools in eastern KY are part of the documentary and highlighted in a primarily a positive way. One of our recent Stilwell award winners (Jeff Hawkins and the Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative (KVEC)) is also highlighted in the documentary.
-Update of other items by OET Directors/Chiefs.


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